Preventing UV Radiation damage to skin.

Skin Surgery, Plastic Surgery
Preventing UV Radiation damage to the skin. Plastic Surgery, Skin Surgery.

Preventing the rates of skin related skin cancer in vulnerable population groups in Cyprus.

Living in Cyprus is a blessing in many respects. The freedom to comfortably enjoy the outdoors for most of the year being one. Our skin is offers the first barrier to the harmful effects of the environment. Firstly it acts as a filter for the harmful UV radiation and does so effectively. However as a filter it has it’s limitations. The sun’s radiation injures our skin. Our skin repairs up to a point after which skin cancer could occur.

We have learned in the last few years that not only is the sun’s UV radiation potentially harmful in large doses, it also causes additive damage to one’s skin cells. This means that as our life expectancy has increased so did the incidence of skin cancer relating to UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) exposure. In addition we have become more adept to identifying skin lesions more often. Also the increase in popularity of outdoor activities is a factor that plays a role in the increase seen over the last few decades in the incidence of skin cancer.

Avoiding the sun’s damage while enjoying the outdoors

Plastic surgery, skin cancer, Skin surgery
Avoiding the sun’s damage while enjoying the outdoors

The goal is to avoid exposing our skin to the sun’s harmful UV Radiation especially at times when it is at its peak from 10:00 to 16:00. Always wear protective clothing even when enjoying the sea like lycra UV tops. You should wear sunscreen daily, investing in a sunscreen is recommended to be a part of caring for your skin.

In conclusion despite the above measures we take to protect our skin from sun damage the skin’s capacity to filter UV radiation is limited. As a result your skin could experience damage of varying degree. It is important to note and remember.

* ABCDE of skin lesions : Asymmetries, Borders that are uneven, Color variation, Diameter more than a pencil butt i.e. 6mm, Evolution in how they look or act i.e. shape size new onset of symptoms like scratching, bleeding.
* Wear protective clothing, sunscreen and avoid sun exposure during 10:00 to 16:00 especially during the summer.
* Any skin scrape that does not heal in a month needs to be seen by a doctor.
* Get treatment for any suspicious lesions by a certified and experienced physician.