Tailored Health Care

General and Plastic Surgery, Quality Services

Precision Surgery and Quality Health Care

Tailored Health Care

 Our center has been running for 30 plus years. We offer General and Plastic surgery opthalmology and ENT services. Attention to detail is our top priority thus offering our patients quality health care. Furthermore we audit our services, striving to constantly improve them. The facilities are being renovated on a regular basis and all our surgical equipment is uptodate and in-line with all recent advancements in medicine. We grow through the advancement of our staff and we make it our goal offer a healthy working enviroment that reflects to the care delivered to you.


General Surgery

The practice covers most of the scope of General Surgery. We concentrate on day surgeries like hernia repairs, fistulas in ano also haemorrhoids and skin lesions etc. Our lead Surgeon has over 30 years of surgical experience.

Plastic Surgery

We concentrate on offering the best quality care for our patients in an exclusive and luxurious environment. Our services include aesthetic and reconstructive operations for the body and face plus non surgical treatments, like anti-aging and wrinkle modifying injections, fillers and also fat transfers. We also offer a variety of reconstructive surgeries following skin cancer excision, injuries or burns. Finally we offer a variation of breast reconstructive operations following mastectomy.


Services include cataracts and a number of single day cases. Our department also offers plastic surgery of the eye area. These include cosmetic operations like blepharoplasty and brow lift. Another service is reconstructive operations for eyelid drooping or eyelid cancer removal. Anti-aging and wrinkle modifying injections for eye rejuvenation but also for spasticity of the eyelids ie involuntary blinking.

Ear Nose and Throat

Ear Nose and Throat services including correction of diagram, tonsillectomy, parotid operations etc. Our department offers aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty, ensuring improvement of sleep apnoea or breathing problems as well as an aesthetically pleasing profile.